President of the Tripoli & Northern Lebanon Chamber “Tawfiq Daboussi” have met with a delegation from “The Egyptian Lebanese Businessmen Friendship Association”  (ELBA).The delegation included the C.E.O of “Becatronics” Mr. Ahmed Samy, the Vice President of Exporters and Foreign Trade Division of the Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria Bahiri Ahmed, Chair » Read More
  1- لا تحتاج لصيانة وتتميز بعمر طويل للمنتج . 2- مقاومة ممتازة للصدمات ومقبولة الثمن مقارنة بالنتيجة وبين باقى الخامات . حيث يوجد ألواح ألومنيوم مركبة ذات حشوة داخلية (الطبقة الوسطى) من مادة اسمه البولي ايثيلين (النقي » Read More
   Router machine is one of comprehensive solutions for drilling and engraving on many different materials, such as:  All types of wood-marble glass aluminum copper Cladding Acrylic-Artelon foam Alikopond (Cladding)  Fibreglass GRC and other Therefore it can be used widely in manyindustries,  including:  Factories and workshops of wood and furniture.  Factories a » Read More
   (Consultancies)   We provide our customers with the technical consultancies before purchase through our  engineering experts and consultants .    (Feasibility Studies)    We help our customers in taking an informed  decision regarding their projects and distinct  methods for reflow of capital within a short period .    (Ins » Read More
  Plasma machine is deemed one of the overall solutions for automatic cutting oper-ations of metals like iron and steel,  tin sheets,  plates,  stainless steel,  aluminum and copper.     Moreover,  it is used in a broad scope in many industries like:  advertising such as facades of shops,  external décor and their internal requisites. &n » Read More